A polygraph test is an instrument that is used to determine a person’s truthfulness based on questions, by measuring his/her physiological responses to such questions. It is important to note that a polygraph test is only a tool in an investigation, and not the alpha and omega of proving a person guilty or innocent.

Polygraphy is a science: it operates on scientific principles and uses scientific calculations to determine an outcome. The reactions observed are based on scientific facts and, since the process uses a forensic methodology based on science, polygraphy, too, can be viewed as a science.

Conducting these tests is a polygraphist – a professionally qualified person trained in the art of detecting deception. Some are better qualified than others, but in the end it is experience together with the qualification that will make one an expert.

SICS Polygraph has been operating since April 2005. We provide the following services:

  • Specific Polygraph Tests
  • Periodic Polygraph Tests
  • Pre-Employment Polygraph Tests
  • Forensic Assessment Interview
  • Scientific Statement Content Analyses
  • EYE Detect
  • Security Risk Management
  • Recruitment
  • Pre-Employment Vetting