The Importance of Employee Screening and Vetting

Your employees are the most fundamental aspect of your business! However, most fraud and theft within companies are committed by their own employees. A stringent pre-employment vetting program is therefore essential in assisting organisations to minimise the risk of making inappropriate recruitment decisions that could lead to fraud, dishonesty, misconduct, in your business and damage to your brand, reputation and financial standing.

Reasons why you should conduct employment vetting

  • Increased CV fraud
  • Protection of brand and reputation
  • Safeguard your existing workforce
  • Increased market regulations
  • Increased employee proficiency
  • Protect and growth of Financial Standing

Our service

We do vetting of applicants, reference checks, background checks, qualifications checks, conflict of interest, social and media profile. We understand that each company and industry’s requirements are different therefor we provide a tailor made package for your company.

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