What is a Periodic Polygraph Test?

The company subject employees on a regular interval and at random to polygraph tests, to assure that their behaviour is according to the standards as set by the company.

What is the aim of a Periodic Polygraph?

These tests send a message that any employee can be subjected to a polygraph test at any time. The psychological effect of such action is that employees would thinks twice before they get involved in any deviation of company policies as it might be detected during the test. It act thus as deterrent to employees.   

There is also the possibility that someone will submit information regarding illegal activities of other personnel.

On what will be focused during the tests?

A list of issues, specific to your company, will be composed beforehand. Each department will be treated individually, as each department will have different issues of concern.

How will it benefit your company?

The following benefits could be reaped from periodic polygraph tests:

  1. A constant stream of information of all employees is collected.
  2. Dishonesty and/or deviation of company policies are detected before significant damages could be done against the company.