This process is developed to identify any previous deceptive behavior and/or problem areas of applicants applying for a vacancy.

What is Pre-Employment Polygraph Tests?

This process consists of a Forensic Assessment Booklet that must be completed by the applicant and the following issues/habits is be screened.

  1. Gambling
  2. Drugs / Alcohol usage
  3. Honesty
  4. Previous criminal offences.
  5. Criminal Record
  6. Employment History
  7. Education
  8. Bad Debts
  9. General aptitude

After completion of the booklet, the applicant is subjected to a polygraph test to verify the information given by him/her in the booklet.  A reference check is also done, if possible. The employer is then provided with substantiated background information of the applicant.

Why do we have to do Pre-Employment Screening?

Statistics shows that during an interview of 10 possible short listed candidates for a vacancy, one applicant will neglect to state something on his/her CV that is of importance. Two applicants have been involved in some kind of dishonesty at a previous job and three applicants are planning to steal from your company within the next three months.

Except for the obvious security reasons involved with Pre-Employment Screening, another advantage is that this process places your institution on a entire different level than your competitors. The tougher the application requirements are of a business, the more prestigious the business becomes.

The combined effect of both Pre-Employment Screening and Periodic Polygraph Tests is that the percentage of fraud decreases, and that the profit and work output of the employees increase, because the quality of your personnel is that more superior.