Risk Analysis

The risk analysis will be able to assist you in the following fields:

  1. Check and analyse your policies and procedures.
  2. Scrutinize and update your employment contracts.
  3. Verify that all the information and filing of the employees is on par as per legislation and create the necessary employee records if needed.
  4. Evaluate your code of conduct.
  5. Evaluate your job descriptions.
  6. Evaluate and analyse your security aspects. – This includes your systems in operation, the program used for bookkeeping, ordering, payment.
  7. Provide guidelines on what your profit, loss, expenses margins should be.
  8. Suggest changes that will assist in cutting cost, decrease theft and fraud or the possibility of it.
  9. Analyse the competencies and compatibility of your employees.
  10. Advise who will benefit with training.
  11. Indicate what training is needed within the company for the next year.
  12. Provide suitable training facilitators in accordance with the relevant legislation.
  13. Advise and assist with the VET levy Act.

Having your business analysed is a sign of astuteness. What will you do? Contact us.